Membership is $25/year due in January and includes family members. We encourage family involvement, especially at our social get-togethers. There is also a discount on pilot supplies including headsets. If we don't have it on the shelves we will be happy to order it.
Our experienced FAA certified instructors are willing to go the "extra mile" whether arranging special instruction or supervising ground school. Alpha Air also performs progress checks, flight reviews, and instrument currency checks in your aircraft or ours.
    Instruction (BASIC) - $45.00/ hour
    Instruction (ADVANCED) - $50.00/hour (includes Flight reviews and Owner's aircraft)
All aircraft are regularly inspected and maintained. (we are a "family" after all) Rentals include fuel & oil and we give a full refund on fuel purchased at another airport. Our rates are as follows (effective Jan 1st 2015):

Cessna 150 - $85.00/hour

Cessna 172 $120.00/hour